Ferrari 458 Italia


Body Style: Coupe
Size: Midsize
Market Segment: Performance, Exotic
Weight: 3042 lbs
Length: 178.2 in.
Width: 76.3 in.
Height: 47.8 in.
Wheelbase: 104.3 in.
Ground Clearance: TBD
Front Track: TBD
Rear Track: TBD
Weight Distribution: 42/58
Interior – General
Seats: 2
Cargo Volume (Seats Folded): TBD
Interior – Front Row

Fuel Type: Gas
Engine Type: TBDL V8
Power: 550 hp 9000 rpm
Torque: 398 lb-ft 6000 rpm
Transmission: 7-Speed Automated Manual

With head-turning styling, neck-snapping acceleration and that indescribable but incredibly potent Ferrari allure, the 458 Italia supercar (along with its open-air 458 Spider counterpart) is one of the most desirable rides on the market. It is the latest in a long line of mid-engined, high-performance machines from Italian automaker that started with the legendary Dino.

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Ford Fusion Plug In

The Green Mobile


Starting at $34,800 the Ford Fusion is one of the most affordable mid-sized hybrid plug in vehicles that has changed the game for the environmentally friendly cars. Ford was one of the first hybrid cars to take out the nickel batteries in exchange for the more powerful, durable and environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries. Ford has created a sleek and eye catching design that do not make consumers feel as though they are losing the attractiveness of the automobile for a cleaner car. Most consumers do not want to drive around a car that they do not find physically attractive looking, because they feel a car depicts their personality. But the Ford Fusion has changed just that! Ford has described this car as the perfect car for any family to have in a city. The limited emission from the tailpipe reduced the CO2 emission, which helps to clean the air…

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The Great Masculine Revival

Dr Benjamin Wild

At the end of the eighteenth century ‘there occurred one of the most remarkable events in the whole history of dress, one under the influence of which we are still living, one, moreover, which has attracted far less attention than it deserves: men gave up their right to all the brighter, gayer, more elaborate, and more varied forms of ornamentation, leaving these entirely to the use of women, and thereby making their own tailoring the most austere and ascetic of the arts. Sartorially, this event has surely the right to be considered as ‘The Great Masculine Renunciation.’ Man abandoned his claim to be considered beautiful. He henceforth aimed at being only useful.[i]

To Be, Or Not To Be Trendy

For the past seventy years this short paragraph in John Flügel’s Psychology of Clothes has been the orthodox view on men’s dress. So ingrained is the idea…

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Emerging Markets Mock the Pessimists

alberto balatti board member blog

Stop doubting emerging economies. China is still growing and all this cheap oil will do wonders.

In current-dollar terms, China’s economy is now twice the size of Japan’s. Again, investors seem more energized by the smaller case. Japan would have to grow at a rate in excess of 10 percent to make a bigger contribution to global output than China. Or look at Europe. China is bigger than Germany, France and Italy combined: The biggest euro economies would need to grow by more than 7 percent to rival its addition to global activity. In other words, a sense of proportion would be good.

China’s “weak” growth isn’t the only encouraging global indicator. India too is on the way to becoming a globally significant economy. It’s already about the same size as Italy, or three-quarters the size of the U.K. economy, in current-dollar terms. Adjusted for differences in purchasing power, its…

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